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AlexVogel 9, 10 51 Use the value 1 if you don’t want to use this feature. It has been deprecated since 9iR1 and will be de-supported. The server-side internal drivers support only JDK 1. If your code runs inside the database server and needs to access data locally within the session, then use the JDBC server-side internal driver to access that server. All the JDBC drivers support the following standards and features: How to install the JDBC driver?

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How do I set up JDBC to communicate with Oracle database?

So use the 11g drivers These older versions are fine so long as you don’t try and use a method that appeared in the newer API. The issue might be due to uses of Lob annotation in JPA for storing large objects specifically in oracle db columns.

Only one version should be there and it should be the latest one As of today – ojdbc6. To resolve this problem, you should upgrade commons-dbcp library to latest version 1. Support for JDK 1.

That is, the code runs and accesses data from a single Oracle session. In Oracle Database 11 g Release oc Environments and Support This section provides a brief discussion of the following topics: DataSourceFactory” solved the issue: The other thing that comes to my mind is that there is some dll conflict with a oracle client on my machine.


Getting started with Oracle JDBC

The database component of Thib JDeveloper uses the JDBC drivers to manage the connection between the application running on the client and the server.

The JDBC server-side internal driver supports any Java code that runs inside Oracle Database, such as in a Java stored procedure, and must access the same database.

N is 9 for JDBC 9.

I got the same problem and resolved it. JDBC Thin server-side driver: The following from context. Sign up using Email and Password.

Oci And Thin Driver – systemsaktiv

The server-side internal driver does not support the cancel and setQueryTimeout methods of the Statement class. It also requires an Oracle client or Instant Client installation including Net8. Thin driver It is a pure Java driver used on the client-side, without an Oracle client installation. Feature List Table lists the features and the versions in which they were first supported for each of the three Oracle JDBC drivers: Sat Feb 2 If your code runs inside the database server and needs to access data locally within the session, then use the JDBC server-side internal driver to access that server.


This allows individual providers to implement and extend the standard with their own JDBC drivers.

Using the getConnection method of OracleDataSource class allows you more flexibility: Allthat has changed is that some methods that previously threw SQLException now do something more reasonable instead. Sign up using Facebook.

Setting Oracle parameters

Oracle supplies 4 driver types: Oracle Software Download Index. The Thin driver is for client-side use and does not require Oracle software on the client side. Chapter 7, “Server-Side Internal Driver”.

For code that runs in the database server and needs to access a remote database or another session within the same database instance, use the JDBC server-side Thin driver. I do meet this problem. It is platform-independent and does not require any additional Oracle software on ocu client-side.