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On the front there are twin speakers and an SD card slot, while on the right edge is a slim smartcard reader for extra security features on top of the fingerprint sensor. Conclusion The HP p is a perfect laptop for anyone demanding top build quality and excellent performance in a Battery life The included battery is a 6 cell 55WHr battery. The p is the Santa Rosa refresh of the nc HP p on the left, compared to my nx on the right. This side also houses a single USB 2.

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The hard drive at maximum performance and idle in NHC is 39C.

How to Use a SIM Card in an HP | It Still Works

I’m just used to using a track pad as thats all I’ve ever used basically. Design The HP Compaq p’s slate-grey lid sets off the silver-and-black HP logo nicely, and the overall design should appeal to business users with minimalist tastes.

Downloading updates from HP resulted in download speeds at the maximum our line offers, whilst the nx only manages half that speed.

Cirnozie Sep 12, The keyboard is generally warm, but not anywhere near hot or as bad as my nx can get. According to HP, my notebook should ship out tomorrow or friday.

HP Compaq 6910p Full Review

Andrew Tennyson has been writing about culture, technology, health and a variety of other subjects since Although smi touch sensitive buttons look nice and attractive, I would agree with Andrew and say that I prefer the old type of rubber buttons like my nx I would like the option to lower the brightness further to save battery life, but zim I have no complaints.


At the back is 610p power jack, S-Video out and VGA out, a long with the lock slot on the left of the battery. The processor scores a very impressive 5.

There’s also a trackpoint nestling between the G, H and B keys, with a second set of mouse buttons between the space bar and the top of the touchpad.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme review: Battery life The included battery is a 6 cell 55WHr battery. In particular, the black keys have huge white markings on them for the letters and other elements, while an embedded number pad and vard function key combinations are marked out in blue.

The Delete, Home, PgUp, PgDn and End keys are in a column to the right of the main section, and there’s an inverted-T arrangement of cursor control keys. CeeNoteJul 11, The volume is sufficient to fill a medium size room, but are nothing to write home about. Slip the battery out of the battery bay to reveal the SIM card slot. The original laptop was sent the day payment was made, but subsequently lost by the couriers. A very solid clasp keeps the upper and lower sections of the clamshell firmly locked together when the notebook is not in use, a factor that may be important if you intend to carry this system around much of the time.

Despite its impressive specification, at 2kg it’s not too heavy for mobile professionals to carry regularly. I assumed there was only one speaker as the right side was where all the sound was coming from, but was mistaken.


HP Compaq 6910p GC021ET

Click the name of the mobile provider from which you obtained the SIM card and then click “Connect. To the right are the two speakers. With a native resolution of 1, by pixels, it’s possible to work with two document windows open on-screen at the same time. Google Pixel XL 8. Grip it gently and slide it out of the SIM card slot the remainder of the way. Press in gently on the existing SIM card, then release it to partially eject it.

Even the fastest fan speed under benchmarking is acceptable, and much less than the nx which uses a cooler Pentium M. The screen is brighter than the nx and 6910o much better horizontal viewing angles.

NautilusJul 11, The SIM card slot is located in the battery bay, and is clearly marked.

HP Compaq p Full Review | NotebookReview

Fingerprint recognition is another integrated function, the sensor being located at the front of the wrist rest area, on the right-hand side. HP also has an 8-cell and cell second battery options that connect underneath the laptop.

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