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Thanks, Lin — those amps sound sweet. You don’t necessarily need to have biwire speaker terminals, you can just ignore one pair of ends. No one was more surprised than yours truly, when we heard a major difference going from the 20 watt tube amplifiers to the enormous Pass Xs monoblocks. How you balance all of these things is the art, and why these things are works of art that can’t be fully appreciated on a spec sheet, just like you can’t appreciate van Gogh by measuring the size of the canvas. Of course again, the subs add more to the picture — both in terms of weight and extensiion, but also in dynamics.

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These Orcas will be going up in our living room and will be used with a 3.

Used blumenstein orca for Sale |

But man, you need a sub. My drivers may be different than what Clark currently shows as the specs have changed. Imagine just getting rid of it. No, create an account now.

I see from the pics and Google search it is powered. BTW my other speakers are 7″ 2 way monitors that are conveniently build into towers with dual 10s and a ribbon super tweeter. We used speaker level for two reasons — it was easy and with many people using these speakers in a modest system, and possibly not having access to an extra pair of variable outputs, this will most likely be the more common way these speakers will be used.

If you must have the 3inch monitors, and I actually have a small cheap set that I use for extreme backup duty, just tune your sub to just round things out quietly. Lin Logged jrebman Full Member Posts: If I’m feeling better tomorrow I may just go try the Orcas on or close to the floor and angle back just to see what they do. I am sorely tempted to get yet another pair of Orcas for my office desk and computer speakers and use them with the bottlehead s.


FS: Blumenstein Orca Ecosystem (and blue jeans speaker cables) | Super Best Audio Friends

The Nagas are designed to require the subs so in effect, are two-way active speakers but with seamless integration of both tonality and timing. My main rig uses 8 inch drivers rated to 30 Hz without cabinets. These were still the current version when I got them 2nd owner in earlythere was a recent driver orac copper colored frameand these are the older black rimmed drivers still orcs apparently.

Face it, a 3 inch driver which typically the actual working cone dimension is even smaller isn’t much bigger than speakers used in some headphones. BTW, the blumsnstein mounting of the drivers inthe Orcas is to brig the sonics much closer to the Nagas, which even at this early stage, does seem to be the case.

These speakers are absolutely wonderful in a small room. And, just for clarification, the Orcas will indeed work very nicely with one sub — two is just a bit more in the dynamics department, but harder to setup initially — and at only 5″ x 26″ x 12″ can easily fit in almost any listening situation.

If I weren’t getting the two subs, I’d sure give that a try. This is not a speaker built to a formula based on TS parameters, but one that started life that way and has been refined by lots of listening and experimenting, rebuilding and so on until it got to where it is today. Logged reddmadder Full Member Posts: Will list elsewhere after the holidays. BTW, meant to comment on your boundary reinforcement approach you used with your s — I was thinking something like the Mapleshade Gilbralters or Bedrocks would be a great pairing with these Orcas.


I primarily listen to jazz threes and fours and they sound pretty damn good. How you balance all of these things is the art, and why these things are works of art that can’t be fully appreciated on blumebstein spec sheet, just like you can’t appreciate van Gogh by measuring the size of the canvas.

Now, Joe did say small apartment, didn’t he? Logged opnly bafld Full Member Posts: I mean, what’s the point?

Blumenstein Audio Orca Speakers [Expired]

Hopefully, I will get to hear the Orca and see what they can do. Formerly working with Cain and Cain loudspeakers, he has also spent time in Japan, apprenticing with Hal Teramoto, master driver maker at Feastrex in the summer of Hi Mikeinsacramento, Thanks for the enlightened and experienced comments.

Had mine about a year. Cookies help us provide you a better browsing experience. I bought these used, separate from the Orcas. blumensteein