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Click Cancel to discard your settings and exit the wizard. The driver that is associated with the adapter has been loaded by Windows and is functioning. In this mode, at least one of the link partners must be in active mode. If the link partner is not correctly configured for IEEE To perform a silent install from within a batch file and wait for the install to complete before continuing with the next command line, type the following:. PAUSE frame receipt and transmission are disabled.

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On the Network Test tab, you can verify IP network connectivity. On the Statistics tab, you can view traffic statistics for both Broadcom network adapters and network adapters made by others.

Gigabit link is up and running. If you delete a team, any VLANs configured for that team are also deleted. The team name cannot exceed 39 characters, cannot begin with spaces, and cannot contain any of the following characters: Teaming is a method of creating a virtual LAN a group of multiple adapters that functions as a single adapter.

When selected, vital sign information for that adapter is displayed. The standby adapter may be correctly working even though it is Not Active. Frames Rx with Alignment Error. The network coontrol is temporarily lost when these tests are running.


Performs comprehensive diagnostics on Broadcom network adapters. This information is displayed only when there is a team see Configuring Teaming.

Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 2 For Windows All

The list of available properties is different on some models of the Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet adapters than on others. PAUSE frame receipt and transmission are enabled. The degree to which Windows performance may suffer depends on system configuration. A team name cannot begin with spaces or contain any of the following characters: The network controller will not function without its internal memory.

Broadcom Advanced Control Suite: Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet Adapter User’s Guide

A probe target must be on the same subnet as the team, have a valid not a broadcast, multicast, or unicaststatically-assigned IP address, and be highly available always on. Unless the network infrastructure supports QoS, do not enable QoS. Click the type of team, and then click Next. One or both pins are open for a twisted pair. This type of team is supported only for situations in which the network cable is disconnected and reconnected to the network adapter.

A count of the frames that were successfully received. Click Configure to reserve the number of connections you want for each offload technology.

At-a-glance information on all of the LAN adapters in your system. A count of frames that arvanced successfully transmitted as indicated by the status value Transmit OK to a group destination address other than a broadcast address. When complete, an information screen as shown below will notify you that the files were successfully installed.


If you want to always use Expert Mode to create a team, select the Default to Expert Mode check box, and then click Next. The network test sends ICMP packets to remote systems and waits for a response.

Download Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 2 for Windows Vista

Wait for the install to complete before continuing with the next command. Auto is the recommended setting. Use the InstallShield installer for best results. All of the member IP addresses must be in the same subnet as the subnet of the probe targets. A configuration file will be placed in the directory as shown below.

If you prefer to work without the wizard for now, click Expert Mode and then click Next. In this type of team, you can dynamically configure the network adapters that have been selected to participate in a given team.

If a gateway is not configured or if the gateway is unreachable, the test prompts you for a destination IP address.