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Fusion engines for multimodal input: Definition of research and development contracts: Except as otherwise provided in Article , an entity shall publish an invitation to participate for all procurements in accordance with paragraphs 2, 3 and 5, in the appropriate publication referred to in Annex In the process of making a selection, the entity shall provide for equitable opportunities for suppliers on the list. No entity of a Party may make it a condition of the awarding of a contract that the supplier has previously been awarded one or more contracts by an entity of that Party or that the supplier has prior work experience in the territory of that Party. Nothing in this Chapter shall be construed to prevent a Party from divesting an entity covered by this Chapter.

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Panhellenic Conference on Informatics For the purposes of this provision, the procurement of “ADP Telecommunications and Transmission services” does not include the ownership or furnishing of facilities for the transmission of voice or data services.

An entity shall use procedures for the submission, receipt and opening of tenders and the awarding of contracts that are consistent with the following:.

R Engineering and Technical Services incl. Conceptual Modelling of Interaction. In calculating the value of a contract, an entity shall take into account all forms of remuneration, eztudio premiums, fees, commissions and interest.

All facilities operated by the Department of Defense, Department of Energy and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration; and for all entities:.

Distributed User Interfaces Coverage under this Annex will be the subject of consultations with state and provincial governments in accordance with Article Hazard-detecting instruments and apparatus. The General Notes for Mexico set out in Annex They shall remain at the disposal of the competent authorities of the Party for use, if required, under ArticleArticle or Chapter Twenty Institutional Arrangements and Dispute Settlement Procedures.


Procurement contracts that are financed by such loans shall also not be subject to any restrictions set out in this Chapter.

Pattern-based engineering of user interfaces of multi-platform systems. In the process of making a selection, the entity shall provide for equitable opportunities for suppliers on the list.

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Towards task-based linguistic modeling for designing GUIs. For goods of Canada, suppliers of esutdio goods and service suppliers of Canada, this Chapter will apply to procurements by the authorities and power administrations listed as etsudio 1 through 5 only at such time as this Chapter applies to the procurements by the Canadian provincial, not including local, hydro utilities. Super convenient location in a super professional space, hands down, a 5-star in my books! Each Party shall provide to the other Parties and to the suppliers of such Parties, on a cost recovery basis, information concerning training and orientation programs regarding its government procurement system, and access on a non-discriminatory basis to any program it conducts.

A design space for engineering graphical adaptive menus. Where, after publication of an invitation to participate, but before the time set for the opening or receipt of tenders as specified in the notices or the tender documentation, an entity finds that it has become necessary to amend or reissue the eetudio or tender documentation, the entity shall ensure that the amended or reissued notice or tender documentation is given the same circulation as the original.

An open source workbench for prototyping multimodal interactions based on off-the-shelf heterogeneous components. Flippable user interfaces for internationalization. When Mexico completes its c2111 pursuant to paragraph 2, each Party may, after consultation with the v211 Parties, review and revise its Schedule to Section B to Annex Addressing the impact of business process changes on software user interfaces.


C17 Media Marketing Agency. Department of Homeland Security For purposes of Articlethe national security considerations applicable to the Department of Defense are equally applicable to the Coast Guard, a military unit of the United States.

David FaureJean Vanderdonckt: In particular, no entity may provide to any person information intended to assist any supplier to bring its tender up to the level of any other tender. Marcus and martinus TV Network. The documentation shall also include:.

User interface design by collaborative sketching. The entity shall retain each report. Procurement of special studies and analyses are organized, analytic assessments that provide insights for understanding complex issues or improving policy development or decision making.

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Nammura Fashions Clothing Brand. Provided that such measures are not esttudio in a manner that would constitute a means of arbitrary or unjustifiable discrimination between Parties where the same conditions prevail or a disguised restriction on trade between the Parties, nothing in this Chapter shall be construed to prevent any Party from adopting or maintaining measures:.

Information provided to any interested supplier shall be provided in a non-discriminatory manner to all other interested suppliers.