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However careful use of this option might boost performance. For LCD screens, the lowest clock that gives acceptable contrast and flicker is usually the best one. The problem here is that the flat panel needs timings that are related to the panel size, and not the mode size. However, as the driver does not prevent you from using a mode that will exceed the memory bandwidth of the , but a warning like. This will prevent the use of a mode that is a different size than the panel. For the HiQV series of chips, the memory clock can be successfully probed.

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Horizontal waving or jittering of the whole screen, continuously independent from drawing operations. However use caution with these options, because there chjps no guarantee that driving the video processor beyond it capabilities won’t cause damage. If you have a problem with the acceleration and these options will allow you to isolation the problem. However, as the driver does not prevent you from using a mode that will exceed the memory bandwidth of thebut a warning like.

This option allows the user to force the server the reprogram the flat panel clock technokogies of the modeline with HiQV chipset. Therefore the server uses a default value of Modeline “x 8bpp” This is the first version of the of the ctxx that was capable of supporting Hi-Color and True-Color.

However these numbers take no account of the extra bandwidth needed for DSTN screens.


Asiliant Technologies company and contact information

If you use the ” overlay ” option, then there are actually two framebuffers in the video memory. Most of the Chips and Technologies chipsets are supported by this driver to some degree.

However there is no reliable way of probing the memory clock used in these chipsets, chps so a conservative limit must be taken for the dotclock limit. Using an 8bpp, the colour will then be displayed incorrectly. It also has higher limits on the maximum memory and pixel clocks Max Ram: For this reason it is recommended to use one of the programs that automatically generate xorg.

For tedhnologies screen drawing related problems, try the ” NoAccel ” or one of the XAA acceleration options discussed above. Note that for the this is required as the base address can’t be correctly probed.

Chips and Technologies (Asiliant) 65555, list of drivers

Chips and Technologies specify that the memory clock used with the multimedia engine running should be lower than that used without. Technolobies correction at all depths and DirectColor visuals for depths of 15 or greater with the HiQV series of chipsets.

In this ad enough memory needs to be left for the largest unscaled video window that will be displayed. In addition to this many graphics operations are speeded up using a ” pixmap cache “.

Chips and Technologies

It is enabled by default for machines since the blitter can not be used otherwise. For this reason the default behaviour of the server is to use the panel timings already installed in the chip. Using this option, when the virtual desktop is scrolled away from the zero position, the pixmap cache becomes visible.


However careful use of this option might boost performance.

Chips and Technologies drivers – Chips and Technologies Video Drivers

In its current form, X can not take advantage of this second display channel. This option forces the LCD panel size to be overridden by the modeline display sizes.

This sets the default pixel value for technologied YUV video overlay key.

When touching 655555 sequential speeds, each model shows different indeces: These option individually disable the features of the XAA acceleration code that the Chips and Technologies driver uses. The following options are of particular interest to the Chips and Technologies driver. Option “NoAccel” This option will disable the use of any accelerated functions.

In fact if the video BIOS on the machine sets the ct to a dual channel mode by default, X will lockup hard at this point. Typically this will give you some or all of the clocks If the screen is using a mode that BIOS doesn’t know about, then there is no guarantee that it will be resumed correctly.