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Page 21 Presario Series Models: Cable is not connected properly. Page 64 Presario Series Models: Pull the display release latches to open the display. It is similar in layout to the XL above. Pull down 1 the tab located on the end of the battery pack and then slide battery out of the chassis. A ZIF connector and its attached cable can be easily damaged.

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Page 44 Presario Series Models: The sound, on the other hand, presents the need for compromises under Linux, and the modem and USB ports also present challenges. Replace the TouchPad or mouse. I had initially favored the Toshiba models because of the Toshiba Linux utilities and the good driver support for the Toshiba’s underlying hardware.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Metal objects can damage the battery pack as well as the battery contacts in the battery compartment. I immediately tried this driver with a 2.

Page 87 Presario Series Models: When you perform a “self-test” on an external VGA color or monochrome monitor, the screen should be white. Improper cable placement can damage the computer.

Physical differences include a silver lid, different display hinge configuration, and a slightly rearranged motherboard layout. I’ve been unable to get either of these drivers to support MIDI, except through TiMidity, which produces a very raspy sound quality because of the conversion from to 8-bit sound. One oddity of this driver is that it disables sound in Windows after a warm reboot, so I’ve got to power down the computer before booting Windows if I want sound in Windows.


The chips were notable for their inclusion of 3D-NOW technology, enabling marked performance increases from the original K6.

The driver also produces increasingly choppy sound when playing long sound files, but it’s OK for short files. Run the Diagnostic utilities when you want to view or test system information and xk you have installed or connected devices. Screens were available as EXE to boot Linux would get around this problem, but I’ve not looked into the matter.

These later models are often noted for having a silver display lid instead of the original black lid.

HP Compaq Presario,Presario 1200 Supplementary Manual

In practice, any attempt to load the drivers in kernels up to 2. Remove the battery pack pg Hard drives ranged from 3. Power light is off, screen is blank. Page 41 Presario Series Models: Internal display is blank and the screen on an external monitor displays information. Articles lacking reliable references from April All articles lacking reliable references.


Compaq Presario XL Note

Remove the Palmrest Cover with TouchPad pg Prepare the unit for disassembly pg Diskette Drive Cable mode. In addition, you may need to upgrade XFree86 if you use a distribution that’s less up-to-date than the XFree86 3.

Page 33 Presario Series Models: Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. I corrected the problem by running the XFdrake program, which includes the ability to test display modes during the configuration. Unfortunately, the XL falls into this “flakey” category, at least through kernel 2. Open the loading tray, lay the compact disc in it label side upthen close the tray. Page 65 Presario Series Models: They were originally noted for their AMD processorslight weight and inch LCD screenswhile later models included a shift to Intel processors ocmpaq other changed features.

Lift the processor out of the chassis.