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ResultSet methods are now supported: Enhancements for Version 9. The following JDBC 2. Workload balancing for connections to IDS is added. DatabaseMetaData methods are now supported:

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This support requires IDS IDS database names can be longer than 18 bytes.

DB2 LUW 9.x/10.x/11.x and DB2 UDB 9.5

Seamless failover is added to client reroute operation. The size option specifies the number of internal JDBC driver packages to bind or drop for each isolation level and cursor holdability. The client connects directly to the data source. After wasting entire day I finally found the solution.

You can retrieve the contents of an output array parameter in the following ways: Connections that are enabled for connection pooling.

Enhancements for Version 9. If batch execution of a PreparedStatement object returns automatically generated keys, you can call the DB2PreparedStatement. The DB2Binder utility supports the following new options: Client reroute support for connections to IDS is added.


You can update an input array parameter in the following ways: The drivers use a native client library specific to the data source to which they connect. Sign up using Email and Password.

IBM Knowledge Collection : DB2 JDBC driver for version APARs – United States

You can set the db2. Post as a guest Name.

For client reroute, you can specify two: You can now specify -1 for the length parameter when you call the setAsciiStreamsetBinaryStreamor setCharacterStream method.

The driver uses streaming to send the data to the database server if the database server supports streaming. The DB2 database system does not provide a type 3 driver.

Supported drivers for JDBC and SQLJ

More functions are supported for connections to IDS. As of IDS Under its java directory, I found db2jcc. YES 1and a forward-only cursor is positioned after the last row of a result set, a call to ResultSet. More meaningful error message text. Progressive streaming is enabled by default. I know its late but i recently ran into this situation. The data server then communicates the client’s requests to the data source.


Database Connection Failure due to x JDBC Drivers for DB2 – Atlassian Documentation

For cascaded failover, you can use the enableClientAffinitiesList property to control the order in which primary and alternate server reconnections are attempted after a connection failure. If a failure occurs during execution of a statement in a batch, you can use the DBBatchUpdateException.

If the processing was unsuccessful, the returned value indicates the nature of the error. Data types that map to database data types in Java applications. Error processing usability is improved The following enhancements provide more useful diagnostic information: This support requires the existence of one or more Connection Managers, a primary server, and one or more alternate servers at IDS DatabaseMetaData methods are now supported: Objectusing the DB2Array.