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Despite using Ni-Cad batteries, weight and performance are very close to Lithium-Ion drills. Most customer thought that they had got very good value for the money. But even then, it is light enough to make its employment much easier. A few of the users were not completely happy with the Ni-Cad batteries, lithium-ion batteries would have been better but also more expensive. Battery lasts a through a decent amount of work and charges back up quick. There are three steel straps which make the gears, motor and clutch stay together in this unibody construction.

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The Bosch one is relatively heavier weighing 4.

Dewalt DCKA Cordless Volt Compact Drill/Driver

Now, we all know that this is the right amount of power that is needed to make drilling and driving holes easier. Then again, since it is cordless in nature you can easily maneuver it in between multiple projects. The basic requirements of a cordless drill are more or less achieved by both these tools.

Therefore, I ensure that all my tools are of the highest order.

If you are going to use the drill for longer periods of time, you may prefer a drill with Lithium-Ion batteries. Years ago, when I began fc720ka little woodworking shop, I had no idea that one day it would become such a thriving success. The numbers are promising and you can be assured of a desired operation. The Bosch is lightweight and ergonomic at the same time. I use it xordless and it has not let me down.


Since it is devoid of plastic housing, it can survive a fall from even 10 foot. All in all, you get excellent value for the money. There are three steel straps which make the gears, cordlfss and clutch stay together in this unibody construction. Apart from being lightweight, it is also equipped with an ergonomic grip, with the help of which you can easily control the tool and work for long hours without feeling exhausted.

Negatives for the Bosch were limited to trivial issues. The kit comes with a one-hour charger with which it can be conveniently recharged and in this way, the downtime can be reduced manifold. He is a Tool Freak having serious involvement in this field. If you are a volg looking to own one drill, I would go with this one.

The Bosch incorporates the state-of-the-art technology of the Lithium-Ion battery. Here are a few customer quotes: It will be easy to work with its ergonomic design and the LED light that makes working in the darker areas much easier. With the Bosch on the other hand, you can avail of a speed of 1, RPM with which you can do a lot of work; from installing cabinets to drilling and fastening.

Finger support has been also incorporated in the handle-grip so that you feel comfortable while operating with it and ensure a balanced operation. This will guarantee two years of battery protection and one-year protection of the tool.

DEWALT DC720KA 18 Volt Compact Cordless Drill Kit & Case With 2 Batteries

Let us find out what they are. When I started with the comparative study I was sure that in order to make a comparison that is helpful for others, I must concentrate on the most significant features of a cordless drill; like the: It is compact but still a dcc720ka cordless drill.


Lastly, there is a steel reinforced collar that protects the nose of the drill and thereby prevents the chuck from bending or coming off after a few drops. With this power tool, it is easier to achieve the specific performance that you want when working with a specific material. If you corcless planning to get one today, then dril, can visit Amazon. When you have found the right match in terms of volt and weight, then the next thing in consideration is the speed.

Li-Ion batteries are lighter and more powerful than Ni-Cad batteries.

You will have two battery options with it. Well, I am not going to tell you about our choice, but I am surely going to give dewwlt a comparative study of these two drills so that individuals facing a similar confusion can easily identify the one that caters to their needs the most.

It offers excellent value for the money. With such an impressive customer rating, it is clear that most customers were very happy with their DCKA.