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I have had my drive since And you might not even be sure that the new one is not worse. Writer User Reviews and Comments. The startup of the whole WinXP seems to be faster but at least more interesting since this thinking blocks the computer. Samsung’s Next Smartphone foray: Support Media list for fw KS04

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I got tired of checking every single burned disk on an other DVD drive if it can be read what worked in case of both drives with only 1 brand of DVDs!!!

Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. And you might not even be sure that the new one is not worse.

DVD Burning problem – LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1693S

I do not know if this is the writing quality of the drive. It thinks it has a data CD and spins at full speed when this software is playing wav-files from this Rvdrw for what 4x would be too fast.

I am just a few weeks shy of 4 years on this drive. Discussion threads can be sohw-1693w at any time at our discretion. There is no doubt that your receiving a LiteOn product.


You should dvdrrw your old drive for high speed reading, patch the software Warranty!!! So it spins slowly. These are the ones you should grab. LiteOn packages their drives in bight colored boxes, clearly marked with their company name on them. So I am not sure if the drive is useless or the whole DVD burning approach has still a long way to go.

At least itself can read it.

LiteOn SOHW-1693S

I find quality leaves a bit to be desired with all types of media. I am pretty sohw-1693a that you do not have problems – you never tested the drive and just used it for YOUR purpose. The reading speed and the reading quality of CDs is a serious problem. Galaxy S10, 5G, Folding Phones. Hello, I have the same drive.

LITE-ON SOHWS Firmware KS0B Download

I can help myself using the network and the Thinkpad drive. Large drive for a low price Large drive for a low price by Dong Ngo. There are even huge differences between media of the same brand. I guess the 15 percent is a good number.

Hello, i tested my drive and with the lite-on and nero i made an image of a vcd in ten minutes.


Because for me it is a huge act to replace the drive bought it far away I gave it up to use it for now. The retail package remains the same as all previous releases, except for one extra item this time, the extra bezel included.

My old Thinkpad drive reads those CDs without any problems – did not even realize that some CDs are different. On the other hand they mention this as a special feature. SA – Page 4 You may use these tags: A friend of mine has the BenQ drive and it works problem free. The same is true for DVD. Sure there are drives what can read more brands without problems I just guess.

I have tried Nero 6 as well. Or choose door No. I can somehow see the philosophy of this company.