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I would really appreciate any help that you might have that would make my experience less disappointing. I expected something along the lines of, well, the Gameport! Ok well the headphones are very comfortable but i do have small ears. Headset is poorly made. What are their general status? I added a photo of the back of the box. The design is top notch.

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What are you talking about? The Windows 7 drivers is where you need to be if on Windows 7.

Clear sound, and okay in the lowest volume setting 6, anything lower mutes it. Is there a way to fix this?

Actually, at this price there’s no need to resist. Anyone have any ideas that I can try? Headphones by Rick Broida Dec 13, One of the pics show sun-glasses…other head sets I use cause my ears to hurt because of the pressure on the frames.

Mic is awesome also. First you plug them in the USB. I need this replacement!! Hi guys, To all of you that will require them in the UK, we will indeed be selling these especially as they are endorsed by our gaming element — Team eSourceUK and we beta tested these super headsets. eximensional


Your ad on the page for them if funny. Click here for full-resolution, somewhat-readable version. Call me an idiot, but I found ultimately that the software works great. The cord is nice and long, allowing you to move around more while playing — grab a slice of pizza, slam a audioxf shut, whatever.

See, I play alot of old school games, and the mic just gets in the way and would serve no purpose. I have uninstalled the software and selected in my control panel speaker settings, 5. With the rumble implimentation. Hmm… Yes, it sounds like maybe there is something loose in your headset, try aufiofx it to mono output, and listen for the buzz.

eDimensional AudioFX Pro 5+1 Brown Headband Headsets

Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. For more information and preodering please visit the official site at www. This device seems to have only 3 real volume settings: Now they are very uncomfortable and i am looking to replace them. It aint just mine, Bcause I bought 2 and they both do the edimensioal thing. The forcefeed back is pretty cool….


eDimensional AudioFX Pro Force Feedback USB Gaming Headset at

There is no sound, there is no bass, there is no lights, but there IS force feedback. These headphones are working awesomely now.

All in all, a great set of phones — but please, please, please develop software to eliminate the constant crackling. We all deserve a refund. I love your new product. They have a few nice features, like equalizer, speaker shifter, etc.

OnePlus 6 is now available to order, here’s how to buy it OnePlus 6 is now available to order, here’s how to buy it by Jason Cipriani.

eDimensional AudioFX Pro 5+1 – headset

When they work right, they are awesome, but these issues happen quite often: You should make an Xbox version Ben. My problem is getting the BSOD after about 10 min of gameplay. Great job eDimensional and Ben!! edimehsional