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Ensoniq was a popular electronic musical instrument and sound processor company that produced sound cards during the s. One very nice aspect to the Ensoniq cards is that they have a bit, 48KHz digital section that is very clean. Privacy policy About Vogons Wiki Disclaimers. It was praised for its then-high quality music synthesis and sound output, high compatibility and good software support. No hang on a minute, that won’t work February 15, at 6:

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In fact if you mix which half of the 16 bit data bus each 8 bit peripherial sits on you can reduce the load on the data bus.

Again there is no effects processor but the samples have pre-computed effects.

I’ve had some experience with at least one Ensoniq card, not sure if it’s that one, but my time with it wasn’t very good – turns out, these cards use the patch set for absolutely everything, even Adlib music, which makes games like Wolfenstein 3D sound absolutely horrible.

August 6, at Gateway hardware Sound cards. The S has four major chips, clearly seen in the above photo: Privacy policy About Vogons Wiki Disclaimers. When an Elite card does eventually appear on ebay, I’ll refrain from bidding because your advice has been so valuable since I’ve been a Vogons member. The on-board coprocessor was a much-advertised feature of the card, marketed to reduce the overhead of music synthesis through the device.


Views Read Edit View history. Or maybe the Ultrasounds. PDF that comes with the SoundScape drivers. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Elite was released in The link should now be updated and point to an archive with the source file fixed. They have a config util that runs to upload firmware to the card and then it exits from RAM. Key components of Ensoniq S PnP is not supported.

Because I haven’t managed to acquire one having spent 18 months looking!

Soundscape can emulate the Sound Blaster 2. One very nice aspect to the Ensoniq cards is that they have a bit, 48KHz digital section that is very clean. The ES is not AC97 compatible and is actually natively As it turned out, writing the custom firmware was the easier part, even for someone with approximately zero knowledge of assembler.

Ensoniq Soundscape S – Wikipedia

The host tool runs under DOS for the sake of simplicity, and is written in bit C. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. Navigation menu Personal sokndscape Log in Request account. It was manufactured on a 0.

  DEC 21152 DRIVER

Otherwise, however, the card is simply a cost-reduced Soundscape-compatible board with similar capabilities. Soundscapes based upon this chip had similar capabilities to their retail Soundscape counterparts, which were themselves based upon the Ensoniq ‘ wavetable ‘ sample-based synthesis chip pair ‘ Otto ‘ and ‘Sequoia’.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Although it has RAM, the card does not support soundscapr of sound samples for the synthesizer.

Should be easy, right?

Ensoniq Soundscape Elite

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Do you have any of the ensoniq esx cards?