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While rendering animations or images at medium resolution with samples below will take nearly 1 hr. A higher transistor count generally indicates a newer, more powerful processor. Allows you to view in 3D if you have a 3D display and glasses. Safe and Secure Payments. Great card at this price. Certified Buyer , Raipur. Highly worth for playing games at high quality.

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Safe and Secure Payments.

Gainward GeForce GT – mb | eBay

Nvidia gt is good card but it is not powerful than hd and hd Awesome gpu with good out put. Newer versions can support more bandwidth and deliver better performance. A wider bus width means that it can carry more data per cycle. If you are looking for a graphic card in a low budget go for it!!!!. Comparing this R7 is more powerfull than this gpu.

A lower TDP typically means that it consumes less power.

Certified BuyerCochin. Highly worth for playing games at high quality. OpenGL is used in games, with newer versions supporting better graphics. Newer versions introduce more functionality and better performance.


It is a good gpu for its price. This allows you to configure multiple monitors in order to create a more immersive gaming experience, such as having a wider field of view.

It is an important factor of memory performance, and therefore the general performance of the graphics card.

Shading units or stream processors are small processors within the graphics card that are responsible for processing different aspects of the image. This page is currently only available in English. Allows you to connect to a display using DisplayPort. Gainwzrd 10 graphics cards 1. While rendering animations or images at medium resolution with samples below will take nearly 1 hr.


Have doubts regarding this product? Well I am happy with this card. Certified BuyerChennai. While rendering animations consider single frame or images at high resolution with samples above will take nearly 7 – 8 hr.

Have doubts regarding this product? The graphics card supports multi-display technology. The packaging of this product may vary from what is shown in the image. At same price you are getting other much powerful gpu than then why to buy this? Excellent graphic card at this price range. Certified BuyerRaipur. Allows you to connect to a display using DVI. The number of textured pixels that can be rendered to the screen every second.


Great card for the price and satisfactory for occasional gamers like me it cannot play latest games but can play demanding games like sleeping dogs, bioshock infinite on high settings with anti aliasing off with around 25fps so quite decent for the price Higher clock speeds can give increased performance in games and other applications.

Tested with many new arrivals at high graphics quality at x and x pixel at 72Hz refresh rate.

The thermal design power TDP is the maximum amount of power the cooling system needs to dissipate. Please Contact madhuitjunction yahoo.