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Tips on how to post one. Much better and I’m hitting them straight. We remove blogspam, valueless posts, duplicates, and corporate marketing. I actually took my 5 iron in to the store to compare with the i15 in the indoor range and that difference was unbelievable. I am going to be re-shafting my driver soon and am not sure what to use to clean the club head. The launch monitor was giving me similar launch angle with the 8 and the 9.

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MyBluC4Jun 25, However, you will buy them in a set of 8, not one at a time like parallel tip. This driver really lowered the rpms and allows me a more controlled low fade with good roll. Here’s a couple pics as best I could.

Reshaft Ping irons? |

Dec 24, Messages: Sep 23, Messages: Since I struggle to consistently hit a fade when needed with my current driver and because my usual bad miss is a hard hook, this aspect appealed to me.

At a glance TG Rating 4. I have a ss of and I was playing a Titleist D3 9. Also, the lie and loft options with the pings were better. What do you guys think? Get fitted, because the shaft made a huge difference in trajectory and carry distance. Sorry, there was an error in submitting your review. Registering is free and easy! Love the looks on this thing tho. Not sure where you getting yours but I priced them up on the web then had a discuss with my Pro.


Suffice it to say, I was very excited to get my hands on this driver.

Club is closed at address, but gives a beautiful little draw. The hosel bore is about 1. So my friend broke his Ping i15 off right at the top of the hosel. Which is why I was really surprised when the i15 appeared to have a slightly closed face. Do you think they are worth buying the new irons?

Today’s Golfer

As Erik stated, Ping is second to none in the fitting arena. I know everyone always says don’t sand the shaft down, but other than drilling out the hosel bore how should I make this fit?

I have the ZZ65 shaft, which produces a lower trajectory. As Erik pointed out above, even if you catch the ball towards the toe or the heel of the i15s you still get a reasonable result.

Tip Size of Ping I15 Irons – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

I went to a fitting and walked away with the i15 8 degree with TFC stiff shaft. I play off a 3 handicap and have only had the Pings for a few months — so I hope to get them dialed in soon.


It’s due to rolling shutter effect and there’s no need to share it with us. Leon was equally impressed, particularly with the stunning black PVD finish on the head.

Ping i15 Driver Review

The off-set has really helped, but find I almost draw the ball too much. Spin and launching at 10 degrees and carries a mile not a lot of role. Sometime during my 3rd round with the club, I started making better swings, and the club really came to life.

I averaged a much faster swing speed with it due to the stiffer shaft than my driver I currently play, around mph. We are one of the oldest and largest Golf forums on the internet with golfers from around the world sharing tips, photos and planning golf outings. Now if I can only fix my errant driver