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This charset option needs to be compatible with the codepage of the SQL Server. If -Change Network Support- is selected, then cancel the setup. Now table names, column names, schema names with non English characters work. Now the driver returns the equivalent Java objects. You cannot modify rows in the cursor result set. After the timeout not all idle connections were closed. There are multiple possibilities about how to configure the Monitored Failover.

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IBM How to connect named database instance using SQLServer and sprinta – United States

Use the following SQL statements instead with single quotation: With SQL Server or higher, the first call of method rollback did not work correctly if the transaction was already rolled back from the SQL Server after a deadlock detection.

Fixed a possible unnecessary cancel if an exception occurred on prepare or execute. You use a JDBC 2. The driver prints the messages in the default print streams e.


what is this SAPClassNotFoundException: com.inet.tds.TdsDriver

This is not helpful. You can do this in the Server Network Utilities. You can configure it with the tdsdrivdr setFailoverTimeout and setFailoverCount. The default value is Install the Microsoft Certificate Services. A second call to rollback or commit prevented problems. This is a regression since 6. The KeepAliveTime describes the time after a Socket.

This is a problem of the used sockets with Windows NT. The following might cause the error:.

what is this SAPClassNotFoundException: ver

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Bug fixed for requested scrollable ResultSet from stored procedures that also returned a parameter. This is fixed now.

A very rare protocol violation Error in the TDS datastream was fixed. The SQL Server installs a certificate on setup.

Before it was odbc. In this mode the SQL Server saves only 1 byte per character.

A value of 0 means to use the server default value which is by default The information whether the ResultSet cursor received data had been erroneously evaluated before the fix. A connection with XA transaction is using the isolation level like before starting the transaction.


It is not compatible with SQL Server 6. Currently you try to get a third connection. If you use the single byte data types varchar, char or text there are problems.

Datetime formats with short month and days like ” are supported now. The scrolling is very fast in this case.

This is very fast for small ResultSets. It could occur with scrollable ResultSets if the table had no primary key. The ODBC driver only accepts trusted certificates from a known agency. You use the SQL Server 6. DataBase – Ms sql, Java – 1.