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Getting Data In Full tutorial: When this is run at the command line using the following commands, it works successfully: Wait for the upload to finish Data loss or data unavailability during or after an update cannot be excluded. FTPS was enabled for all transfers to http:

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Connect to the web GUI see 1. The GUI is not accessible during an update of a controller.

After update about 2 minutes click on About to check for correct firmware version Continue only if you have a connected expansion unit I’ve also performed an all-drive search for each of the expected filenames, but no results were found.

Continue steps for Controller 1 Where does that H: But if the current firmware on the SR is older than firmware package v2.

Problem Running FTP Script ScheduledTask – TechRepublic

This will result in the array not responding to any host commands. No luck as local administrator. If it is, you’ll have to map the drive in the batch file. Just click on a hard disk for more information.


Click on browse and search for the firmware files Abb. Retro, Thanks for the reply.

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Controller 1 and 0 will automatically updated one after another Attention: Program and Save Drive Firmware 0. Track this discussion and email me when there are updates.

Use a batch file containing the executable string instead of putting the string in the scheduled task interface. GS OpenID tokens can become stale over time.

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The default user name is admin and the default password is password 4. For the public Main Galaxy instance at http: The Everyone account can traverse all the way down to that folder. I thought that you were calling the FTP.

FTPS was enabled for all transfers to http: The task completed with an maxxata code of 2. To flash the new boot firmware, press ‘Y’ To safely abandon this operation now, press any other key. Click Upload to start the file upload Abb. The controller will be restarted automatically after the update Disconnect the hyperterminal session and update the properties of the connection to Update the IO modules one after another over a serial connection to v1.


If necessary, use the other controllers connection for administration. Note that the FTP server name is specific to the Galaxy you are working on.

Only the first file in any compressed archive will load as a fgp. Help ef do dp bt rs …. I finally got my an answer, but it was through a colleague who had a similar problem once Thx, Bob 0 Votes.