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An extensive list of supported webcams is available [1]. For me to get my “Creative Live! You can find a full list of supported UVC devices here. The saa driver If you manage to use your cam with this code, you can send me a mail royale zerezo. Skype within Arch64, install the libv4l-utils package.

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If you’re running x you might actually need to install libv4l-utils and then run skype with.


Many cheap no-name cameras that came out Asia in the last couple of years use the stv chipset. The cx18 driver Supported devices CEC driver-specific documentation. The driver works with several other cameras in webcam mode see the list below.

You can find the full list of supported devices here.

Zoran xx vv3 USB webcam module View page source. Install it with the kdenetwork-kopete package. If you get your webcam to work, add the name of the webcam and the driver you used to the list! From here you have to press s to take the snapshot.


~ Maxell Pro-MaxCam Web Camera – HD Webcam with Built-In Microphone – Black

For bit applications e. You can diagnose this with the usbtop tool from the usbtop AUR package.

The SIx Driver Pages or sections flagged with Template: If you need V4L1 or 2. Changing these settings will affect all applications e. To use MPlayer to take snapshots from your webcam run this command from the terminal:. Identify the name of your webcam using, for example, lsusb and find a proper driver. A more-complete list of webcams that use the stv chipset is available here. You should see something like this:. This page was last modified on dv33 Marchat The snapshot will be saved in your current folder as mpv-shotNNNN.

This driver does not have V4L1 support.

Webcam setup – ArchWiki

If you get a green or disorted picture with skype read the section Get software to use your webcam above. Now this driver is a module included in kernel 2. The cpia2 driver For me to get my “Creative Live!


The libv4l library provides userland applications with pixel decoding services and will be used by most programs. If you need to load webcams in order i.

Using without lircd 5. The Zoran driver If you want to record continuous video:.

To capture a single image, try this: This will make VLC mirror your webcam. Zoran xx based USB webcam module Philips webcams pwc driver